Monday, January 24, 2011

Blogging, Eating, Working, Dreaming, Crying, Laughing, Running!!!

How do you balance all that??? Something had to give and on this occassion I am pleased to say it was the blog!! I have kept record up until a week ago on an excel spreadsheet and I will return to that soon but for now I am focusing on eating well, exercising and avoiding bad things.

I am tired. After 23 days of not drinking the drink that shall not be named.... I had a black russian and couldn't sleep ALL night. One glass and I wasn't even tired until this afternoon....

It is still important for me to record EVERY morsel of food that goes in to my mouth and every bit of exercise I do. I need evidence. I feel like it doesn't matter what I do - I can't get consistent weight loss and it is soooo slow. I need to make sure I am eating fewer calories and burning more!!!

I also need to get my HRM fixed so I can be specific about the calories!

I think my tiredness is showing in my ramblings - time to let it go!

I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

100g of M&Ms = 500 calories = feeling very, very ill

I've been in an emotional slump for days now. It seems to have tied in with me giving up on Pepsi MAX and I'm on to Day 5 (06 Jan 11) and I feel like crap.

The past 4 days I have been fighting emotional eating binges with a great deal of success but caved yesterday. I felt so miserable, so down in the dumps and the urge to stuff food in my mouth became all too much. 100g of M&Ms doesn't look like much, but it sure made me feel sick - I haven't eaten that much chocolate in one hit in a long time and it made me feel ill. This was heightened by reading after the fact, how many calories I had actually consumed.

It also hit home to me how easily I ate excess calories before this Michelle Bridge's program. On top of that chocolate - I would have had ice-cream, carbs, biscuits, packets of chips. Along with large portion sizes, I would easily have been eating in excess of 2000 calories a day and not exercising and gaining weight.

I don't know why I am so bummed out right now. It is driving me nuts but I will get there. I always do. I just have to hope I don't take too many casualties along the way.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Daily Record - Week 4

Week  4 Summary:    Wed Weigh In :                                      Overall Loss/Gain: 

Day  26 - Sunday  09 Jan
Exercise Undertaken:
Positive thought:
And today’s win is....
Calories In  minus  ( Calories Out   plus BMR  ) equals: 

Day  25  – Saturday 08 Jan
Exercise Undertaken: Nil....
Positive thought: I had a great day with my family and am grateful for them and that I get to be a healthy example to my girls!
And today’s win is....Stopping the temptation to eat more than necessary. Ie having one piece of cinnamon toast instead of ordering a second serve ; )
Calories In 728  minus  ( Calories Out  nil  plus BMR 1650  ) equals: -922
Comments: My rice paper rolls really filled me up at lunch and dinner - even though they were less than 200 calories each meal.... YUM!

Day  24 – Friday 07 Jan
Exercise Undertaken: Body Pump
Positive thought: I am building the body I desire with every exercise I undertake.
And today’s win is.... Having a skinny cow sundae at the movies - no popcorn, no choctop, no softdrink!
Calories In 1189 minus  ( Calories Out 300  plus BMR 1650 ) equals:  -761

Day 23  – Thursday 06 Jan
Exercise Undertaken: RPM (Worked my butt off and sweated up a storm!)
Positive thought: Every little success I have is building me up for a bigger success to get to where I need to be.
And today’s win is....
Calories In  1144 minus  ( Calories Out  600 plus BMR 1650  ) equals: -1106

Day 22  – Wednesday 05 Jan
Exercise Undertaken: Pump class
Positive thought: I am going to complete this "journey" to my ideal weight - no matter how long it takes or how much I have to grit my teeth to get there.
And today’s win is...Going to Pump class despite blowing things.
Calories In 1798  minus  ( Calories Out 300  plus BMR 1650  ) equals: -157
Comments: ...Disaster day... Trying to shake this feeling of sadness without success.
Day 21   –  Tuesday 04 Jan
Exercise Undertaken: jog/walk 4km
Positive thought:
And today’s win is.... Getting out the door for my morning exercise before 7am. Lovely to see the other early morning walkers/joggers!
Calories In 1209  minus  ( Calories Out  400  plus BMR 1650  ) equals: -841

Day  20 – Monday 03 Jan
Exercise Undertaken: 4km jog/walk
Positive thought: I can rock this....
And today’s win is... JFDI even though I was emotionally dead
Calories In  1068 minus  ( Calories Out 400  plus BMR 1650 ) equals: -932